Pullyman: Is this the end of the TT?

Das Auge IoM

Ich habe einen Artikel mit einer interessanten Idee auf der Seite : “IoM TODAY” gefunden. Hier denkt jemand, der ein lebenslanger TT Fan ist, darüber nach, ob man die Veranstaltung nicht beendet.

Ich glaube das muss man selber lesen um sich eine eigene Meinung machen zu können.

Well now, who mentioned the TT? Well, it wasn’t me, but seeing that we’re on the subject, who thinks that there will be a TT next year?

Pullyman celebrating his 250th column

As we all know, the TT cancelled this year. And did the world come to an end? Did the ground open up and swallow Braddan Bridge? Did the Bungalow slide down the hill and into Laxey Bay? No. Did anything happen? Yes. We all had a bit of peace and quiet. So, what’s the odds on 2021? Yes or no? Will there be a TT or will it have to hibernate? And, more to the point, dare I say the dreaded words, could this mean the end of the TT for ever?…….Read more here.





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